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Champs Journal


Champ had his surgery on the 5th. They found a partially torn ACL as well as damage to his meniscus. They replaced his ACL with Teflon and repaired the Meniscus. 3 days later he is still not placing weight on the leg but his spirits are up and he is eating well. He is also talking back to Jim and I so that is always a good sign. 

We expect him to start putting weight on the leg in a few more days. 

In two weeks he gets the 8 stitches taken out and we evaluate how everything is healing.

Good News Bad news: Champ Has a Partially Torn ACL in his Rt Knee. The Good news is that the Predisone is bringing down the inflammation as well as the pain. He is running around like an idiot when he is not having a Prednisone moment. If this works and allows the ligament to heal he will not need surgery. If not then a bit after August he will be going in to get that repaired.

They did a Joint tap a week ago to determine what was actually going on in there.

Good News: Champ is running around better due to the glucosamine. His hips are not bothering him at all. He can stand up much better and you don't see him using his front legs to lunch himself up from the floor. 

Bad News: His knee has not shown any signs of improvement. 

He still loves chasing rabbits out of Jim's mothers Gardens so he earns his keep when ever he is there. Just a couple of weekends ago he ran a doe off the property.