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Hawks Memory Tool

Key Terms


The Human Body
Patient Assessment
Medical Trauma

Practical Exam Sheets
Required (New York State)
Patient Assessment Trauma

Patient Assessment Medical
Cardiac Arrest Management AED
Bag-Valve Mask
Spinal Immobilization of a seated patient
Spinal Immobilization of a supine patient

Optional's (New York State)
Immobilization - Long Bone
Immobilization - Joint Injury
Immobilization - Traction Splint
Bleeding Control / Shock Management
Upper Airway Adjuncts and Suction
Mouth to Mask / Supplemental Oxygen
Supplemental Oxygen Administration


EMS Humor

Review by Chapter

For a challenge try "By Chapter"

Vocabulary Flash Cards
From the 8th edition text

Anatomy Review

Online Student Review
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EMS Certification and Education Information

Not in Vain
Emily Dickinson

If I can stop one heart from breaking
I shall not live in vain.
If I can ease one life the aching,
or cool one pain,
or help one fainting robin unto his nest again
I shall not live in vain.

This area is designed for those of us who have been EMT's for a while and have recertifications coming up. One thing that I have seen is too many EMT's come up to their Recertifications challenge and do... less then stellar on it. You could have aced the exam the first time you took it and have been going on calls a few times a week for three years. You will still do less well then you thought if you do not review. It isn't that you don't know how to do things. It's that you have probably forgotten exactly how the exams are conducted and written. I little bit of review in the practical portion as well as the written will go a long way. 

Remember reading a question and seeing 4 right answers? Which one did you pick.. which one was the MORE right one. Below I have recommended a review book that consists of Exams that are similar to what is seen in the written portion. I highly recommend going over one or two. The usefulness of the book defiantly justifies the meager cost.

As for the Practical. Its a pain in the butt but really is quite simple if you just go over the stations. For those of use recertifying in NYS I have placed the Practical Exam Sheets on this site. (See left side of this page for links). If you are not from NYS then.. Contact your state SEMO / OEMS office. You can find them through the DOH and are located at your states capital. They can direct you to an instructor who is often more then happy to send you a copy. Also you need to register (for NYS recerts) in order to recertify. So the instructor you have registered with should be able to help you out a lot.

Check out my library for more links.

When taking your practical... Put gloves on as soon as you start your first station, if possible leave them on until you have completed all stations. That way you wont forget them. This is what I did the first time I took the exam. And I Nailed my Practical. Forgetting your BSI is a critical and means automatic failure of the station. Trust me you don't want to fail a station just because you forgot to mention or to put on gloves. 

Hawks Link is a great tool to use to help you remember all the steps for patient assessment. Use this while going over the Practical Exam Sheets. You need to use them both together till you have it down pat. People learn differently, but this system helps a lot. I use this system to augment my own. The way I learn and remember is by repetition. OK, Many of us do. What I do with that repetition is I create a "movie" in my mind and walk through that during the assessment. The finger method that Hawk has created and documented gives me cues as to which scene I'm in if I start to choke.

Make sure you have the up to date course manual. You can get them from EMTB.COM

Take the exams at EMTB.COM. However the questioning format is much simpler then what is on the written exam. After you go through a couple at EMTB.COM go to AMAZON.COM and pick up The Complete Preparation Guide for EMT-Basic Exam. This one is much closer to what you will actually see. There are several other good review books out there but... when you just want a leg up, too many resources can be a bad thing. If you want some other recommendations please feel free to email me.

Good Luck!