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Hawk and Svan's Place

Hawk and his FF of the year certificates.jpg (57168 bytes)

Hawk With his Fire Fighter of the Year Award


Steve & Diane 74.jpg (858294 bytes)

Steve and me at my 3rd Birthday Party.
October 1974

Champ Is my best friend.

Hawk (Jim)  Well he is my... Boy Friend, Other Half, S.O., Occasional brain holder... You name it.

Steve and Janet My Bro and Sis-Law. (No page yet)

Megan My Number one Niece... Ok so she is my First niece. Biologically speaking that is. I've been adopted as Auntie Svan and Auntie Di by many kids. Is a very cool thing.

Anna My Number Two niece... Only because she was born Second.

Katie Born March 28, 2002. Jims Niece.

Kate Friend I met in Virginia. She now lives in NY

Carrie Friend From NY. Still Lives in NY.