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Our Place


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Our House
I promise sunny pictures as soon as it looks good outside.


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   Well we have finally done it. We have a house. OK so we are not moving into it yet. That will come in its own time.
   There are 3 small bedrooms, the standard Kitchen, Dining room, Living room, and one Bath. It was built in the 50's, that sure beats one built around the 1880's!
There is a full basement that has three rooms and a walk in cedar closet.  The attic is a full attic, That could be turned into living space down the road if we so wish it.

   Right now we have the pictures of how it is right now. We have some work to do on the outside but it is all garden type schtuff. That will mostly wait till spring. Outside of the front of the house. All this is minor things.
   The Kitchen is being modernized (thank you Mom, Dad, and Ed!).

   Hawk and I are currently spending what free time we have with stripping wallpaper and painting. Its not so bad there is only one layer of paper. This makes me very happy.

   Hawk's really been knocking himself out trying to get this together. Working there evenings during the week while I'm still in NJ.