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Time line

Vikings Raid Cork

Birth Of Brian Boru

Battle of Clontarf

Death of King Brian

Here You will find links and articles pertaining to the Viking Invasions of Ireland. The primary time period is around the life of King Brian Boru (940-1014).

I am currently working on a research paper of these years. It will encompass approximately 150  years (900-1050). This paper will be broken into several different categories. The list of site below are being used as resources to help me pull this all together.

The reason for this time period is simply do to my having chosen this time as my focus of study in the SCA. I am looking for much more then just the when's and where's and the who's. I'm looking into the lives of the people. Strategies used during the battles. Etc. this will not be an article on just Brian of Buro.

The Chieftain Irish Pub & Restaurant  Strangely enough has a good biography on King Brian.

Brian Boru and the Battle of Clontarf 1014  Very brief account of what happened.

Songs Gee who woulda thunk that the Irish would take their history and turn it into a song.

The Christian Very brief over view of Brian's life.

The Death of Brian Boru Much more complete account of the battle of Clontarf.

The Irish Time Line

Celtic History 500 AD to 999 AD For personal family reasons I am most interested in the Viking Merchants who remained and settled in Cork in 914