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Some may ask why I would want to have my private thoughts about my fighting on the web? It is very simple. What I learn and observe can help others. Also if I talk about something then I HAVE to fight better just to cover for my big mouth. Nothing I say here is an attack on others nor is it me intentionally being cocky or arrogant. They are simply my thoughts and feelings while I learn.

This journal is not just about what I did at practice, but my feeling that effected what I did. If you do not wish to know what goes on inside my head while fighting then don't read this. I do this mostly for me and I also know that I'm not the only one that has or has had these thoughts. I hope that my struggles can help others.

Please feel free to E-mail me any comments.

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November 1999

Fight Practice


October 2000

Kingdom Crusades
October 2001

Long time away.

Scouting has now become my main "combat" focus. 
Eventually I will be getting into Combat Archery. But not at this time. 
The links below will point to my Memoirs of a Scout.

August 2001


How can one learn without making mistakes?