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Champion Underfoot

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"Ok. You can have ball... HA! No way... Fooled you!"

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"It's 9:30 mom... Where's my chewy?"

Oh YES! Grubb's!!!

I have had Champ for just over 4 years now. He became a member of the family when he was a year and a half old. He and I have been through a lot. Before I found him he had had 2 other families. Due to the Kid wants dog/Kid stops taking care of dog and him just being to big for some families, sort of thing, he became mine. In the four year's he has weathered the storm of a divorce and the threat that I just might not have been able to keep my one promise I made him.
The day he came home I promised that he would stop here with me. No others. Christmas of 1999 was about the worst I could think of. For if it weren't for family, friends, and a wonderful sitter I would have had to give him up.
But... that is in the past.
Now he has readjusted to life. He has adopted my boyfriend and they get along great. Champ worships the ground Jim walks on. Jim say's it just because he gives him yummy things... But there is more there. ;-) 
He still has his old standbys as far as toys go. Favorites are Big Ball, Baby Ball, Moo-Cow, Sharky, Prickle Ball, and I cannot leave out "Mr. Giggles". (Heaven help me if I forget Mr. Giggles, with the demonic laugh that goes on just a little too long)
Some toys have bit the dust. (Pun intended) Jonah didn't fare well. (Jonah was a whale that roared/screamed) Chickie was loved so much and taken outside to be run through the mud that... well... it just couldn't hold up. Champ has only destroyed one toy and that was just becoming and amputee. Booda who is a porcupine. Booda's tiny little feet and arms were being removed.
Tennis ball is still an all time favorite for hours of chew.
Favorite flavor is peanut butter. If you find yourself eating fruit or veggies around this lil'guy, be prepared for some phenomenal begging and plan on sharing at some point.


Champs Journal