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I feel it necessary to start out with the Four Footed Furry Floor Flounder. (F5) And yes.. he has that power when he starts Spinning. (See Fujita Scale for more information.)

Simply Me

            diane1.jpg (106304 bytes)
A simple pic of me                      Ok seriously...
one morning.
Siege Engines
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SCA Pics

Last Event In AEthelmearc                             OK 
before I left for                                             So I'm watching 
Y2K gig and Virginia  
                          some fighting.

   Yep that's me                            Count Sir Yngvar the Dismal Fighting 
    in all my gear
                             Lady Svanhildr Karlsdottir. 
                                                     Or maybe it was the other way around.



Ever wonder what 9,000 people camping looks like?

Welcome to Pennsic. It has grown since then. 


angelsm.jpg (26844 bytes) Kinda Says it all. Image from Stratford Fire Co.